Ha Kieu Anh – Thu Huong Celebrity couples with opposite style
09:29 - Thứ 6, 15/07/2016
In the night of 14 July 2016, the semi-final Miss Vietnam heritage global 2016 was held successfully in Ho Chi Minh city. Thu Huong and Ha Kieu Anh were invited as judges. In photo below, Miss Sport born 1995 is outstanding in evening gown and the Miss Vi....
Top 30 beauties in the sem-final Miss Vietnam heritage Global 2016 are so hot in swimsuit.
09:36 - Thứ 5, 14/07/2016
30 contestants in southern area own admirable fingures. A few currently has been being a model and having many experiences. This is huge advantage in upcoming semi-final.
Contestants of Miss Vietnam heritage global 2016 are gorgeous in evening gown
09:35 - Thứ 5, 14/07/2016
In new photoshoot, contestants are shining in glamorous evening gowns. They ingeniously chose stunning evening gowns for themselves in order to flatter their skins, bodies as well as beauties.
List of contestants who made it to the Southern Region semi-final of MISS VIETNAM HERITAGE GLOBAL 2016
15:40 - Thứ 2, 11/07/2016
The Semi-final in Northern region has found the 12 most outstanding faces to move to the Finale. Other contestants in the Southern and Middle regions must be very eagerly awaiting to Southern Region semi-finals to have the chance to express themselves and....
To contemplate the beauty of 35 contestants who made it to the Semi-final for the Northern region -  Miss Vietnam Heritage Global 2016
11:17 - Thứ 2, 27/06/2016
The northern region casting earlier took place at 3 locations: Hanoi, Ha Long and Hai Phong; has attracted nearly 100 contestants. They are the young women who have excellent body mass index, bright faces, with confidence and dynamism.
Contestants of Miss Vietnam Heritage Global to show off their curves
10:50 - Thứ 2, 27/06/2016
The contestants wear tight dresses to participate in activities of the Northern area preliminary selection.
Casting for Miss Vietnam Heritage Global in Hanoi
10:40 - Thứ 2, 27/06/2016
From early morning, many beautiful young ladies from Hanoi and some other northern province came to Pullman hotel to join the casting. The contestants chose their matching outfits by themselves. A lot of contestants chose Ao dai to be their outfits to sho....
100 beautiful women from Southern area to join the casting for Miss Vietnam Heritage Global
10:15 - Thứ 2, 27/06/2016
In the morning of June 19, 100 beautiful girls from Southern cities and provinces have come to the casting of Miss Vietnam Heritage Global 2016. This is one of the last casting session to find out the most outstanding contestants to join the semi-final, w....
To contemplate the beauty of contestants in the Southern region casting for Miss Vietnam Heritage Global 2016
10:06 - Thứ 2, 27/06/2016
Nearly 100 beautiful girls from southern provinces have participated in Miss Vietnam Heritage Global.
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